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3 weeks ago

Catholic Cardinal's Hawaii Getaway Ends In DUI Arrest

One of the Roman Catholic Church's most senior clergymen was arrested last week for driving under the influence

1 month ago

Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts

Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts | TechCrunch

Ford has picked up a new executive with a strong history of success in marketing and communications across a range of verticals; the automaker announced today that Musa Tariq will join as vice president and chief brand officer at the company, acting as the senior-most creative and strategic branding employee at the company across its global operations. Tariq will join Ford on January 30, coming most recently from Apple, where he was the company's Global Marketing and Communication director for Retail.

Prior to Apple, Tariq was senior director of social media and community home improvement ideas pictures at Nike, and before that he was Burberry's first-ever social media lead. His unique blend of experiences should set him up well for Ford, since he has exposure on the fashion and lifestyle side, and plenty of tech perspective house renovation kerala from his time at Apple. Automakers have always used lifestyle as a key messaging mode for their branding efforts, but the tech portion is relatively new to their approach - and yet increasingly important.

Tariq will report to both Ford's EVP of Global marketing Sales and Service Stephen Odell, and to its group vice president for communications Ray Day, but the carmaker is clearly hoping to inject some fresh perspective into its branding efforts by bringing in a young exec like Tariq in such a senior role with such a broad mandate.

1 month ago

Moms find balance as high-skilled temps

(CNN) -- Ashley Hewitt spent 16 years rising through the ranks of corporate human resources, reaching manager and director positions. But after having her third child, a full-time career proved too much.

Ashley Hewitt left a corporate career to raise her three children. She now works as a high-skilled temp.

Ashley Hewitt left a corporate career to raise her three children. She now works as a high-skilled temp.

Even cutting her hours back to 36 a week turned out to be more of a problem than a solution.

"I was trying to be a

1 month ago

Affordable Home Improvement Ideas - InfoBarrel

Home Improvement RepairUnfinished Dressing Room Before PictureCredit: Michelle Cesare's Photographs

Could your home use a little touch of a cosmetic update?

2 months ago

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2 months ago

How To Get A Refund From Your House After Foreclosure

Many homeowners don't comprehend this, but there are many rules in place that keep your lender from taking advantage of you, while they are foreclosing on your home. Every day, I hear: "My bank just wants to take my home because it's worth more than the payoff". In some

2 months ago

Men Wanting Feminine Breasts - InfoBarrel

There is little understanding and compassion in the world today for men

who desire growing feminine male breasts. Many people consider such men

unhealthy and even unnatural. But we are beginning to understand that

not everyone feels comfortable in the body they have been born into.

Yes, the body you're born with is not always what you would have

preferred if given the choice. It must be recognized that it takes

tremendous courage to pursue your desires and dreams, and for some men

one of their dreams is to have larger feminine male breasts.

Men Who Want Female Breasts


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