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Byline: Ian Hoffman and David M. Drucker Sacramento Bureau

The state on Friday banned touch-screen voting machines in four counties and temporarily barred their use in 11 others until measures are taken to prevent vote-manipulation and breakdowns.

Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, California's chief elections official, came close to wholesale decertification of electronic electronic voting software voting in California - but was swayed to keep most touch screens electronic voting pros and cons in place by the compelling arguments from disabled and non-English-speaking voters, as well as local elections officials.

But he made clear that no touch screens would be sold for use in California in the future unless they are designed to also show voters a paper version of their ballot confirming their choices.

``I want to be clear: Every (new) electronic voting system in California will have a paper trail or it will have no future,'' said Shelley, who is a San Francisco Democrat.

Local elections officials were disappointed with Shelley's actions.

The counties who were decertified, but that are eligible to be recertified, must follow a 23-step process laid out by the secretary of state at least 46 days electronic voting before Nov. 2. Those who don't will be forced to use paper ballots.

Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters Conny McCormack said voters have been extremely satisfied with electronic voting - and noted they are more accurate than paper balloting. She added that Shelley's ruling could cause her problems because a pending lawsuit, if successful, would require her to install touch-screen machines in every polling place.

``I'm in a quandary and in a schizophrenic situation because we provide touch screens for any voter in L.A. County who wants to use it during the early voting period and have been doing so for 3 1/2 years successfully,'' McCormack said. ``Now I've been told I can't do that.''

National elections experts called Shelley's actions momentous.

``What California does is going to impact everybody,'' said Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services, a disadvantages of online voting voting-systems consultant in Washington, D.C.

In formal findings, Shelley declared all real time voting app touch screens ``defective or unacceptable'' because they provide no ``meaningful recount of the vote'' and are unsecure, unstable and technologically demanding for poll workers.

To use most existing machines in November, Shelley ordered touch-screen makers to pay $1 million for paper ballots for all polling places using touch screen machines and to hand over all of their software in readable form for review by security experts.

State auditors will perform a real-time hunt during the election for programming bugs or hacked software. Counties must file written security plans for the election.

``We are acting boldly and responsibly to improve voting systems for November,'' Shelley said. He predicted a wave of criticism - from elections officials saying he went overboard and from e-voting critics that he didn't go far enough.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Mass Media

Mass media enjoys a very prominent cons of online voting role in our lives. It is the only medium that keeps voting machines us informed and connected to the outside world. However, a medium this large is sure to influence society at large. The influences can be either positive or negative depending on several factors.

Mass media can be categorized into broadcast media, print media, outdoor media, and digital media. Broadcast media comprises radio, television, recorded music, and films, and transmits information in electronic forms. Print media, as the name suggests, is a form of printed physical media which includes newspapers, books, magazines, pamphlets, and comics. The third one-outdoor media-consists of signs, billboards, and placards used in several places to spread a common message. Digital media includes Internet services like blogs, emails, websites, etc. It also includes mobile phone technology.

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DIY Plumbing Repair and How-To Projects for Bathrooms and Kitchens

EZQuip Corp EZ -Hitch


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Small Yard, Huge Impact


This yard may be small, but the music-themed design makes a huge impact.

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A Guide for Hiring a Reputable, Licensed Home Contractor

Hiring a contractor to repair or renovate your home is one of the more expensive things you'll ever do. Make sure you do it right.

Develop a short list of contractors by asking friends and family for referrals. If your neighbors have a handsome new addition, stop by and ask about their contractor. Ask contractors for references, and don't just listen to the references. Look at their homes! Ask contractors for the names of three clients they're currently working for. Call those clients to see how it's going. Chances are if their projects are behind schedule, yours will start late and drag along too.

Click HERE to see a sample home improvement contract.


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Catholic Cardinal's Hawaii Getaway Ends In DUI Arrest

One of the Roman Catholic Church's most senior clergymen was arrested last week for driving under the influence

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Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts

Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts | TechCrunch

Ford has picked up a new executive with a strong history of success in marketing and communications across a range of verticals; the automaker announced today that Musa Tariq will join as vice president and chief brand officer at the company, acting as the senior-most creative and strategic branding employee at the company across its global operations. Tariq will join Ford on January 30, coming most recently from Apple, where he was the company's Global Marketing and Communication director for Retail.

Prior to Apple, Tariq was senior director of social media and community home improvement ideas pictures at Nike, and before that he was Burberry's first-ever social media lead. His unique blend of experiences should set him up well for Ford, since he has exposure on the fashion and lifestyle side, and plenty of tech perspective house renovation kerala from his time at Apple. Automakers have always used lifestyle as a key messaging mode for their branding efforts, but the tech portion is relatively new to their approach - and yet increasingly important.

Tariq will report to both Ford's EVP of Global marketing Sales and Service Stephen Odell, and to its group vice president for communications Ray Day, but the carmaker is clearly hoping to inject some fresh perspective into its branding efforts by bringing in a young exec like Tariq in such a senior role with such a broad mandate.

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Moms find balance as high-skilled temps

(CNN) -- Ashley Hewitt spent 16 years rising through the ranks of corporate human resources, reaching manager and director positions. But after having her third child, a full-time career proved too much.

Ashley Hewitt left a corporate career to raise her three children. She now works as a high-skilled temp.

Ashley Hewitt left a corporate career to raise her three children. She now works as a high-skilled temp.

Even cutting her hours back to 36 a week turned out to be more of a problem than a solution.

"I was trying to be a